As I Watch My City Burn: A Poem

My city is literally burning
In front of me
As I sit in my apartment
Staring out the window
Feeling the familiar feeling
Of helplessness

This is the time for prayer.
Can a thought be
Powerful enough
To save them?

Live videos are playing
I can’t look away
San Antonio is burning
And we all sit and watch
And wait

Grip my guts
Putting my mind
Into a cloud haze
Not unlike the smoke

And we wait
For the ashes
The aftermath
Of a blaze
Hotter than hope

I wish I could do something
Besides wait
For the ashes

I want to stop thinking about
The people who watched
In London
As Grenfell Tower
Crumbled in flames
Taking 79 bodies
And turning them to ash
As people
Sat in their apartments
And prayed
And hurt
And cried
Hearts yearning
And burning
For answers
And prayers
To save
Our people
This city
Please save us



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